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Computer Tips

Computer Maintenance Tips

How can I be sure my computer is safe?

~ Keep Windows Updated – Miscrsoft releases new updates every second Tuesday of the month. These critical updates will protect your computer. Allow installation when your computer prompts you. This will keep your windows up to date.

~ Keep Antivirus Programs Updated – There are malware including viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware and adware that can infect your computer emerging every day. Set your Antivirus program to update automatically in order to keep your computer protected.

~ Keep Antispyware Programs Updated – It is equally important to to keep your Antispyware program up to date in order to protect your computer from the many forms of Malware.

Note: There are many free Antivirus programs available including AVG Free Edition which
can be found at www.free.avg.com for more details. This is an excellent program.

Can you network my computers?

I can set up a network for you connecting your wireless laptop, PCs, and printer. This will allow you to share files, folders and printers between your various computers. Imagine the ease of sitting in your kitchen on your wireless laptop and using your printer in another room in your house.
Call today and I will “Get You Connected”!

Can you help with my slow running computer?

Yes I Can! Removing unused programs, stopping ‘On Start Up’ programs, cleaning out cache of old web pages, etc. can make your computer ‘Get Up To Speed’ again. I can perform maintenance procedures such as scanning and defragging that will have your computer in tip-top shape in no time.

Can you help save my data if I buy a new PC?

You can call me and I will help you with the entire process including advice on your new PC and how I can transfer the data from your old computer to your new computer.

Should I respond to emails from my bank or credit card company requesting my account information?

No, just delete. These emails are just ‘Phising’ for your information and is a form of Identity Theft. The best method is to contact your bank or credit card company by phone to verify any problems with your accounts.

What is ScareWare?

A tactic frequently used by criminals which involves convincing users that a virus has infected their computer, then suggesting that they download (and pay for) antivirus software to remove it. In some cases this software is harmless, in other cases the software meant to fix non-existent errors is actually spyware or some form of malware itself, victimizing consumers twice. Call me for help if you get infected.

How can I improve my email program’s performance?

Email programs (Outlook…) need to be ‘cleaned up’ to keep them running efficiently. Here are some easy steps you can do to get your inbox up to speed!

~ Organize your Inbox – Use your inbox ONLY to receive your emails. This will keep it small and FAST. Create folders for storage of email after reading, responding… and place them into these folders (ex. Business, Personal, Archives-Jan, etc.) or DELETE them.
Remember: Less Mail = More Speed

~ Compacting Folders – When you delete messages, they are not yet physically removed (even if you empty the Trash. The program merely marks them “deleted’ for later removal. You need to ‘Compact Folders’ on your email program to keep it running at its peak. This will also prevent your program from crashing when it is overwhelmed by too much mail!

~ Empty the Trash – You can set your email program to empty the Trash when you close it. You can also delete all email in the ‘Trash’ folder regularly.

The more emails in your folders, the s-l-o-w-e-r the email program will run. Keeping your email program ‘tidy’ will Keep You Smiling!